About Us

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Gujarat Imaging Center is the pioneer diagnostic center of private radiology services in the Western Region of India, with well equipped facilities. At GIC, we provide high quality medical imaging services to general practitioners, specialist and their patients.

Gujarat Imaging Center (GIC) offers MRI, Nuclear Medicine – PET CT / PET MRI, Indian Teleradiology Hub, Computer Radiography, Mammography, 3D / 4D Ultra Sonography, 2D Echo, Interventional Radiology etc.

GIC is designed to de-stress and perhaps add a bit of fun to the realm of preventive healthcare. It creates a refreshingly different healthcare experience as it is free from the stressful smells, exposure to sick patients and shuffling across various departments. The waiting lounge at GIC is inspired by the insides of a luxury jetliner with a happening business cum leisure centre, staffed with guest relation executives to complete the picture.

Our aim is simple – we want to help doctor's to diagnose accurately and with more confidence so that they can apply the best treatment for patients condition.

Presently GIC operates 5 centre's across Ahmedabad (3), Nadiad, Mehsana, Udaipur.

Our entire practice revolves around "Empowering Care".


To become the leading Quality Medical Imaging Service provider for our patients and referrers in the market.


To provide the highest quality diagnostic imaging to the patients and physicians in a cost-effective and timely manner.