Dr. Drushi Patel


Academic Profile:

  • Visisting Fellowship in Musculoskeletal imaging from Duke University, Durham, North Carolina, U.S.A in October 2012.
  • Visiting Fellowship in Body Imaging from Duke University, Durham, U.S.A in October-November 2012
  • M.D Radiodiagnosis – 3 year residency Program in Dr. D.Y Patil Medical College, Hospital & Research Centre, Pune, (Dr. D.Y Patil University) from Apr 2008 to June 2011.
  • M.B.B.S – from Smt. N.H.L Municipal Medical College, Ahmedabad (Gujarat University) from Sept 2001 to Mar 2006 followed by a 1 Year Internship from Jan 2006 to Apr 2007

Work Experience:

  • Working as a Consultant Radiologist in Gujarat Imaging Centre, Post Graduate institute of Radiology & Imaging, Ahmedabad since July 2011 till to date

Paper Presentations:

  • D.Patel , P. Jha, A. Kharat ,K. Sangameswaran, S. Thind, A. Singh “Role of CT in Management of Undiagnosed mandibular lesions causing facial asymmetry ” IRIA 2010, Ahmedabad
  • D. Patel , G. Aggarwal, A. Kharat, R. Kuber, S. Thind ” High Resolution Ultrasonography of ankle & foot” ASFUMB 2010. Delhi
  • G. Aggarwal, D. Patel, A. Kharat, R. Kuber, S. Thind, A. Singh ” High Resolution Ultrasonography Of eye ” IRIA 2011, Delhi

Poster & Scientific Exhibit Presentations:

  • D. Patel, B. Anand, A. Kharat, R. Kuber, S. Thind “High Resolution Ultrasonography of Ankle & foot” ASFUMB 2010, Delhi
  • D.Patel , P. Jha, A. Kharat ,K. Sangameswaran, S. Thind, A. Singh ” Mandibular lesions causing Facial asymmetry : CT evaluation ” IRIA 2010, Ahmedabad
  • D. Patel, B. Anand, G. Aggarwal,, A. Kharat, S.Navare , S.S Thind, A. Singh “Artefacts in Computed Radiography ” IRIA 2011, Delhi
  • D.Patel , K. Sangameswaran, A. Kharat, S. Thind, A. Singh ” MRI & Surgical-pathological Co-relation in Primary Bone tumours ” IRIA 2011, Delhi
  • G Aggarwal , D. Patel “Antenatal Imaging of Gastrointestinal Anomalies” CME at Ruby Hall clinic,2011
  • B. Anand, D. Patel, A. Kharat, V. Kulkarni, S.S Thind, A. Singh “Sonomammographic Evaluation of Breast Lesions” IRIA 2011, Delhi
  • G. Aggarwal, D. Patel, A. Patil, A. Kharat, S.Navare , S. Thind ” Role of MRI in evaluation of Spinal tumours, Cysts & Tumour-like lesions ” IRIA 2011, Delhi