Dr Mrugesh Doctor

Dr. Mrugesh Doctor is in practice since last 28 years and is currently working as a Director and Consultant Radiologist in Gujarat Imaging Centre. He is looking after CT Scan and MRI department.

Recent Achievements

  • Specialized in X-Ray, CT scan & MRI.
  • Area of interest is CT scan.
  • Dr. Mrugesh Doctor got CT And Radiology training at Church hill hospital,Oxford UK & CT training at a Bala Bhai Nanavati hospital, Bombay India.
  • Dr. Mrugesh Doctor has taught Medical Under graduares, Post graduates (MD radiodiagnosis) from 1978 to 1996.
  • Dr. Mrugesh Doctor has been an examiner for DMRE and MD examinations.
  • Dr. Mrugesh Doctor's academic activities includes arranging regular lectures for radiologists, medical colleagues, resident doctors and medical students.
  • Dr. Mrugesh Doctor has been awarded Prestigious British Council Fellowship.